Will you be using current applications? Or will there be new ones?

If you only want your current apps on the 'net, there are browser-based
5250 emulations, as well as Workstation Gateway, which is not the prettiest
but is part of AS/400. It is browser-based but has more of a gui feel. You
need to get the HTTP Server going, I think, on the 400, but that's not
hard. On v5r1 infocenter there's a section on this under
Networking->TCP/IP->Workstation Gateway

Those get you there quickly (like today, almost), and might give you time
to look at some other options.

There's a redbook, Unleashing AS/400 Applications on the Internet,
<http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/pubs/pdfs/redbooks/sg244935.pdf>, that may
help you.

Another one is V4 TCP/IP for AS/400: More Cool Things Than Ever

The 2nd book also has additional material - go to www.redbooks.ibm.com to
find it.

Also go to infocenter under TCP/IP and look at the manuals and redbooks
link. There's a Workstation Gateway item there. Also books on security on
the internet. YOu should also look at the Tips & Tools security manual -
you may have received it with the box.

Then there is TechStudio <http://www.as400.ibm.com/tstudio/> that mas some
Web stuff for AS/400.

Finally, there is what used to be called Partners in Development, now
PartnerWorld for Developers, at <http://www.as400.ibm.com/developer> for
looking at when you have more time.

At 02:19 PM 4/23/02 -0500, you wrote:

>I have been given the task to "get on the Internet now".
>We have a 720 at V4R4 and going to V5 this year at some point.
>All applications are written in RPG and home grown.
>I have a programming staff of 1 junior pgmr and 1 beginner pgmr plus
>myself.,1 network guy and 2 operators.
>We would like to start with inquiry and then be able to allow our agency
>force to quote/app direct to our 400.
>In other words live real time data access to our 400 database files. Read
>and write.
>I have investigated many ways to do this. I have been given a modest budget
>to accomplish this.
>Security from management's side is not an issue until it happens. I believe
>the opposite and want to be smart.
>I am toying with putting 400 on Internet with a Sonic Wall box as my
>firewall on network.
>Either develop applications with E-RPG or use some product that transforms
>RPG into GUI code as you develop
>so it can be used either green screen (in house) or GUI (net).
>I do not want to maintain same program 2X. (1 in house 1 on net).
>IBM came in a gave us a proposal to add a 170 as an Internet box.
>Management immediately threw this out
>as too costly.
>Has anyone had any experience with these so called Internet tools and if so
>good or bad idea?
>Karl Lauritzen Jr.
>National Lloyds Insurance
>American Summit Insurance
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