I have been developing things here as E-Rpg; what has happened is this;
the in-house staff has seen the web apps, and they like those better than
the "green-screen"; so we have been looking at each project as it comes
and instead of keeping two versions, we go with one (html) if it will be
in that manner, or if the users in-house would prefer it that way - as for
the other gui painters and such, I have not used, been too much of a hands
type of person, and too we are constrained by budget to not allow going with
those type of things.  Good luck, we are on an 820, loaded up pretty well,
on V5R1 and a decent work-load, it has been rather good, only some customers
complaining about speed for srp maint; but those have been tracked back to
their connection is 26,500 or in some cases worse.  Do keep in mind what you
are "painting" for the web if you go e-rpg; keep it simple, pictures take
width and not everyone is on high speed lines (unless you know they will be,
then have some fun :)


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I have been given the task to "get on the Internet now".
We have a 720 at V4R4 and going to V5 this year at some point.
All applications are written in RPG and home grown.

I have a programming staff of 1 junior pgmr and 1 beginner pgmr plus
myself.,1 network guy and 2 operators.

We would like to start with inquiry and then be able to allow our agency
force to quote/app direct to our 400.
In other words live real time data access to our 400 database files. Read
and write.

I have investigated many ways to do this. I have been given a modest budget
to accomplish this.
Security from management's side is not an issue until it happens. I believe
the opposite and want to be smart.

I am toying with putting 400 on Internet with a Sonic Wall box as my
firewall on network.
Either develop applications with E-RPG or use some product that transforms
RPG into GUI code as you develop
so it can be used either green screen (in house) or GUI (net).

I do not want to maintain same program 2X. (1 in house 1 on net).

IBM came in a gave us a proposal to add a 170 as an Internet box.
Management immediately threw this out
as too costly.

Has anyone had any experience with these so called Internet tools and if so
good or bad idea?

Karl Lauritzen Jr.
National Lloyds Insurance
American Summit Insurance

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