• Subject: How do I power up Model 500 correctly?
  • From: "DAVID BULOG" <d2ba@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 22:17:03 +1200

Hi all,
Im very excited  have finally recieved my Model 500 today and having no hand
book wish to find out a safe procedure -how to start the machine .Im used to
my trustly old E20.
Q1: On the front of the machine how  do you open the small panel under the
processor activity light--it seems tight and I need to know which way it
opens so I dont snap the hinges.Do I need to use the plastic key that came
with it first?(er-whats the way to use it)
I assume that is where the power switch and function data display will be
or am I way off track here and function data display  is hidden somewhere

Q2:Once found how do you use the function data display to switch between 01B
normal and manual modes and powerswitch (example first time startup and
poweroff in case it doesnt IPL to signon) compared to the white Cisc boxs

these questions must seem stupid but I just want to find out the correct way
to handle my Model 500 to avoid any damage.

cheers Dave

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