• Subject: RE: MONMSG question
  • From: Buck Calabro <mcalabro@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 11:12:24 -0400

>Gerald Magnuson wrote:
>I have this monmsg command at the top of my CL program:
>I thought that this ment to trap messages CPA0000-CPA9999, and

It means exactly that.

>The program performs several SAVLIB's to save files.   One save file was
>message CPA4067 was issued (save file already contains data(C G)). The
>default reply is C.
>However, the CL program just hung, waiting for a response.

This is an inquiry message, which requires a reply unless you are running
INQMSGRPY(*DFT) or (*SYSRPYL)  You can't monitor for these, although you
could write a message handling program to process them once they've been

>Does the "Generic monitor" (use zeros to trap inclusive numbers) only work
>with CPF messages?

No, this works for all messages, including RPG, MCH, etc.

>Are there certain messages that cannot be monitored?

Only escape, status or notify messages can be monitored for.  The CL
Programming guide has a chapter on message handling; see the section on
Monitoring for Messages in a CL Program or Procedure for more details.

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