• Subject: CL error handling (was RE: X-Spec (was: "RPG isn't cool"))
  • From: david.kahn@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 09:58:31 +0100

Bob Crothers <bob@cstoneindy.com> wrote:

>No what I really HATE is the programer who in RPG or CLP puts the
>error indicator or monmsg in, but then does NOTHING with it!  I no one
>shop where every CL program had a program level MONMSG CPF0000.  This
>was because they didn't want programs to blow up.  Instead, they would
>just keep on booking.  You know, copy master file to temp file, delete
>orignial, copy temp back to original.  Opps, the first copy
>failed....so sorry, no master file anymore!

One (French AS/400 ex-mainframe) shop told me not to use MONMSG in a particular
program because they needed to know if there was an error. They thought MONMSG
could only be used for hiding errors. I had to convince them to bear with me
until they could see the final result. "Aaaahh! Mon dieu!"  :-)

Dave Kahn, ABB Steward Ltd.

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