• Subject: IBM Secret (Was Copy to New AS400 via TCP)
  • From: Jon.Paris@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:37:43 -0400

 >> If IBM decided to show colleges how much value there would be to graduates
 >> who were well acquainted with the platform, but they are not doing enough.

While I agree with Al that IBM's plugging of the relatively unprofitable RS/6000
and Netfinity boxes is shortsighted (remember though Al - IBM make a LOT of
money from services these days and NT and U**x boxes need a lot of services) I
feel that the problem is also of our own making.

I work a lot with the Colleges that teach AS/400 and many are delighted with the
support that they now get from IBM.  Over the last two years Free machines, Free
Curriculum, and other services have helped to significantly increase the number
of schools teaching the 400.  What's their biggest problem ?  the fact that many
have to fight to keep their programs alive because the AS/400 users in the area
a not knocking on the Dean's door.  The local Windoze users are always there
asking for more and more programs to help them train staff.  AS/400 users don't
do that.  The Dean has limited resources, in order to add another Windoze
program he has to cut another, guess which ones he targets.

I'm not saying that IBM is perfect, but as users we need to do more to keep
alive the programs that do exist.  Also, ask yourself - when was the last time I
hired a new grad from and AS/400 college program.  I know many people who whine
all the time about the lack of qualified AS/400 staff, I know a much smaller
group who actually hire these folks that we claim there aren't enough of !!!

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