• Subject: Re: Same field names
  • From: "Henrik Krebs" <hkrebs@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 20:34:07 +0200

Ther IS an alternative. I don't know if it's prettier, but at least it's
an alternative that I have selected in situations with two almost
identical record fields in different files (e.g. FILE1 and OLDFILE1):
Define a DS with all the records fields (easy: 'I      E DS' in RPG/400),
and keep moving all the records to the DS and back when you need'm.

But of cause: The right solution is to START with 4-character fields in
the field reference file.

Henrik Krebs
IT Consultant (IBM AS/400)
Web: http://www.hkrebs.dk/

> Fra: Stone, Brad V (TC) <bvstone@taylorcorp.com>
> Til: 'MIDRANGE-L@midrange.com'
> Emne: RE: Same field names
> Dato: 4. maj 1999 18:12
> Prefix the fields with unique 2 or 3 character prefixes in the files
> themselves.  I did a short stint at a company that did what your
company did
> and it was pure hell.  They didn't even prefix in the RPG programs.
> So, when they were reading through one file, and chained to another,
> would have to save the key values of the previous file and chain back
> "reposition" after they were done.  It was a nightmare.
> Bradley V. Stone
> Taylor Corporation - OASIS Programmer/Analyst 
> bvstone@taylorcorp.com
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> > Not to start a holy war, but here goes...
> > 
> > Our accounting package uses the same field names in all of their
> > For example in the 
> > files EMPNAM, EMPJOB, etc, the employee number field is EMPLY.  Prior
> > RPG ILE, this was 

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