PC Support/400, PC Support/38, PC Support/36, Client Access/400 etc have
never garnered awards for much except the hassle trophy although there are
those who have no problems.

Mochasoft is a good enough plain jane 5250 emulator for those who choose
price over features.  Otherwise, if you need a full featured product that
works try the new Synapse NetWolf which has all of the features you'd
expect from a class product including things that are missing from
Mochasoft like TN5250e device naming conventions, device oriented and
native SCS LPR/LPD printer support and a killer SQL based file transfer --
all over TCP/IP.

Claimer:  I sell, support, recommend, and use Synapse products because they

>I know that this doesn't answer your question; however, you touched on
>something that has bothered me for a long time.  When we went to Windows98,
>all machines running CA began having problems shutting down properly and
>some even had problems booting up!  This has been a recurring problem for us
>for some time now.  Every few months, either we will get a CA PTF which
>prohibits us from shutting our PC's down or after upgrading to a newer
>version of Windows or CA, the machines start having problems.  Either way,
>if we uninstall CA, the problems go away and the machines run fine.  Put CA
>back on and down go the machines again.  In the past, we could usually
>download a PTF and fix the problem, but, frankly, it began to get under our
>skins.  So, recently we began removing CA from all PCs in our company,
>permanently.  For the cost of one CA license, we were able to purchase a
>site license of Mochasoft's Mocha for Windows 5250 telnet client and do away
>with the headache called Client Access!  Mocha doesn't have all the features
>that CA has, but, it has enough to allow users of all levels to work
>comfortably and it's not bloated like CA.  We still have our CA licenses for
>cases where we might need them, but, we are using CA less and less as time
>goes by.

Jerry Draper, Trilobyte Software Systems, since 1976
Specializing in connecting PC's, Windows, MAC's, and LAN's to the AS/400
Representing Synapse, Apple, IBM, UDS, Nlynx, MI, DCI, Netsoft, etc.
(415) 457-3431; (415) 258-1658fax; jdraper@wco.com
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