• Subject: RE: Using mouse to prompt
  • From: "Simon Coulter" <shc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Apr 98 22:58:48 +1000

Hello Booth,

ENHDSP(*YES) just allows the display to use the new DDS support (windows, 
menus, action bars, mouse, etc) if 
the controller supports those 5250 data stream enhancements.  The controllers 
interpretation of the data stream 
is what causes the dots or lines to be displayed.  ENHDSP(*NO) forces any of 
those items to be ignored.

The mouse cursor position for single and double button events is supposed to be 
returned by the RTNCSRLOC DDS 
keyword.  Check out the RTNCSRLOC(*MOUSE &ROW &COL &ROW2 &COL2) form.

Simon Coulter.

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> Subject: RE: Using mouse to prompt

> Two more questions:
> 1) The pretty blue border for windows is a big improvement, imho. 
> Evidentally it is a result of the enhanced display *EHNDSP(*YES) keyword. 
> What other things does it do?  What haven't I noticed?  Obviously they
> didn't do all of this just for a pretty border.
> For the second question here's the work flow:  I want to put up an
> operator's screen with several input fields.  Some of these fields have
> constant data that I want to be able to validate or to pull off a
> displayed table.  The table would be a small subfile window of valid
> choices.  
> For example lets use an Accounts Payable vendor's name maintenance screen. 
> One field would be the "Net terms" field where we would keep the vendor's
> payment terms.  There are probably... oh, say what?  maybe 8 different
> standard phrases like "Net due on Receipt"  or "Net due 10th"?  I'd like
> the operator to either go to the terms field and hit F4, or point at the
> field with the mouse and click or double click and have a sort of
> drop-down box appear with a subfile of valid choices.  Then the operator
> could arrow down to the selected choice, or mouse-click on it, and it
> would return that selected value to the entry field.
> I can do all of the steps now excepting for efficient mousing:
> 2)  How can I get the program to know where the mouse pointer is?  I can
> tell where the cursor is easy enough, but not the mouse pointer.  I can
> click the mouse to get the cursor into the field, and then doubleclick,
> but that defeats the purpose of mousing.
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