• Subject: RE: Remote IPDS printing
  • From: Neil Palmer <npalmer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 14:42:03 -0600

Just a guess here.  I believe the remote output queue support may use
SNDNETSPLF under the covers.
If that is the case, try changing the default for SNDNETSPLF from

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> From: Denis Robitaille [SMTP:DRobitaille@cascades.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 1998 9:05 AM
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> Subject:      Remote IPDS printing
> Hello all
> We have 2 sites, one at v3r2 and one at v3r7. They are connected via a
> X25 line. On the v3r2 system, we configured a remote outq to transfer
> spool automatically to the v3r7 system. It works very well. Now, we
> also want to transfer spool with overlay. On the v3r7 machine, we have
> an HP laser printer configured so we can prints *IPDS stream. If we
> generate a spool with overlay on that machine, it prints ok. But if we
> generate it on the v3r2 system and put it on the remote outq, it does
> not transfer.
> Any idea?
> Denis Robitaille
> Cascades Inc.
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