• Subject: Re: TCP/IP Printing to an IP address and Port
  • From: "Marc Zylka" <mzylka@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 21:21:31 -0500

>Using TELNET, are you referring to telling the device which IP its been
>of course, but is there more?  Is it somehow told about the three queues?
>And/Or are LPT1_PASSTHRU, ,,, COM1_PASSTHRU built-in key words that
>the device understands as ports.
>I don't remember this feature in the Jet Direct.

On the NetPort there is a button that can be pressed which prints the
configuration data.  On the Jet Direct, you can use TELNET to connect to the
Jet Direct to see the setup information.  Use the command TELNET
where xxx.. is your IP address which is set in the Jet Direct.

Our new Printronix P5009 with an ethernet card can be connected to using
TELNET also.  It, however, acts like a Unix machine.  You sign on using a
userid and password, then you are able to access device information.  The
queues for this printer are something like d1_prn, d2_prn, d3_prn, and
One of these, usually the first one, must be specified in the RMTPRTQ
parameter of the CRTOUTQ command, if on V3R2.

>I knew you had to setup the queue relationship, its also done for
>JetDirect and I guess I knew you could create multiple queues for
>the same IP address.  Its the COM1_PASTHRU that confuses me,
>unless, as above, its a parameter or keyword that the NetPort
>If these questions seem stupid, its partially due to never seeing the
>NetPort documentation.

The NetPort information I've seen, a note from a support page, mentions
using COM1_PASSTHRU for the RMTPRTQ parameter of the CRTOUTQ
command.  Apparently, the NetPort knows about this parameter although
it hasn't worked for me yet.

Marc ( mzylka@netpath.net )

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