• Subject: Triggers
  • From: "Joe Teff" <jteff19@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 22:06:56 -0600

If I want to update some information in the same record that caused by trigger 
to fire, I would:

   1. Before Add and Before Update - place the new data into the appropriate 
position of the
       "new record" image in the buffer and RETURN.

   2. After Add and After Update - chain out to the record, change to data in 
the field, update the
       record and RETURN.

The difference being is that on the Before action, I make the update by 
changing the image in the
ENTRY parameter and on the After action, I change the record itself. Is this 
correct or do I not
understand what I am reading?

This is a V3R2 system and the parameter on the ADDPFTRG says to allow 
repetitive changes.

Joe Teff
Bloomington, MN
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