• Subject: Re: as400 pop3
  • From: Peter Coffin <phcoffin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:20:37 -0500

Art writes:

> Can I use the AS/400 Pop3 server for my only email server on an
> intranet.  I'd like to have 10 or so Lan attached PC's use Outlook
> Express or Netscape, or whatever as email clients.  I've setup directory
> entries, etc, and I can use SNDDST to send mail to PC users and view
> with netscape, but I can't send mail back to the 400.  I get the
> following error from outlook:
> The connection to server failed.  Account as400, server as400, protocol
> SMTP, port 25, secure SSL no, socket error 10061, error number
> 0x8000ccc0e

Note the protocol entry: outgoing mail to the AS/400 (and beyond for
that matter) needs to hit the SMTP server to be delivered, and the
POP3 server isn't being used at this point. Make sure that the SMTP
server is properly configured and running. SMTP accepts the message
from the client (Netscape, EG), checks the Directory Entry to see
where the message should go, then arranges for delivery. In an intranet
situation, this will generally be to pass it off to the POP server to
store until the recieving user picks it up. It may be to connect to a
remote SMTP server to pass the message on to another machine, or maybe
to pass the note to Officevision.

Peter H. Coffin
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