I wouldn't normally interfere on your chipchat, but some truth 
would sure be welcome there. I wonder how far do you know NT, or any 
other OS at the same range or higher, for that matter. NT is well 
able to support 200 users, and 24 hours a day. It wont run 
applications centrally, no. It wont do what an AS/400 can, too. It 
may not even run a complete week without a glitch, granted. But 
please, every monkey to his branch. Nor will an AS/400 do everything 
an NT server is asked for. And when it does, mostly its not at the 
same performance and cost. My friends, i work for a big AS/400 
software developer in Europe. We have several AS/400. We have a few 
NT machines. And each doing their thing, they do well. And believe 
me, even the AS/400 has glitches, or otherwise my department - 
Networking and support - would be jobless. And yes, our main NT does 
support a hundred people , has intranet/internet mail, does printer 
and file serving, and a few more services - 24 hours a day. I am not 
a follower of NT, by a long shot. I wasn't of the AS/400 until a year 
ago. I was mostly a Unix man. I frown indeed at the idea of moving 
work previous done with AS/400 by a NT  like people change brand of 
shirts - the better commercial wins. Each machine can have its place. 
NT has its own, too, though i doubt its the same Microsoft wouldnt 
want it to have. By the way, i guess the InfoWorld 
article probably means NT as a backbone database engine, or 
something of the sort. I dont see that peticular company using an 
AS/400 as file and printer server for a bunch of PC's. 

Pedro Manuel Rodrigues

>Wow - an NT system can support 200 users !!!!!  
>I know they can stay up for 24 hours - as long as you don't try to
>actually use them to run anything !    :-)
>PS - I'd sure like to read that prize piece of fiction in InfoWorld
>from those fools who think they're going to save $700,000 a year by
>dumping AS/400's for NT.  What issue is it in ?
>Sounds like the usual bunch of morons who look only at the initial
>cost of acquisition and ignore operating costs.  I wonder if they'll
>have the guts to print a follow up story in a year or two telling us
>how much they lost ? Then again, they're a publishing company, so
>maybe they'll just print the money to replace what they lose !   :-)
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> <<> P.S. Although the S/34 may have been a patch work 24 bit system,
> 20 years ago it
> > could do a 24/7 that NT/95 can't do today.
> How right you are.
> >>
> What a joke.
> Ran a lot of GUI stuff on that 34, eh? Oh ... and video ... audio ..
> and, of course, supported 200 users? Yeah. And what about that
> Internet server on that S/34?  Can't forget that.
> Sheesh ... if you want to run an NT Server like a S/34, it'll EASILY
> do 24x7. So will Novell ... Linux ... even DOS for crying out loud.
> Let's see here (looking at front page of InfoWorld) ... hmmmm ...
> this
> major publishing company is saving $700,000 EVERY YEAR by dumping
> their AS/400's for NT?? Hmmmm...
> Different needs require different OS'es. NT's not for everything ...
> but neither is OS/400.
> Peace,
> -- Don
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