• Subject: Re: AS/400 and NT
  • From: Chris Rehm <Mr.AS400@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 09:37:36 PDT

** Reply to note from boothm@ibm.net Sat, 14 Feb 98 16:14:14 -0500

> IBM's strong support of NT as an operating system has become so 
> all-consuming that it is becoming obvious that most small groups will be 
> forced to abandon OS/400 within a few years.   Providing system 
> conversions for these small groups seems like a good business opportunity.

Perhaps this is "becoming obvious" to you, but not to me. IBM has
supported Unix quite well for a long time, yet I never felt compelled to
abandon the AS/400 for it. 

I think the determining factor here is what will buyers demand. Although I
don't feel that the current crop of MIS buyers is all that bright, I don't
see that the demands of business will allow the AS/400 to fade for some

However, I am certain that many of the less intelligent shop will migrate
from the AS/400 to other platforms. These shops will end up with less
capable, less stable systems and then justify this to management saying,
"IBM forced us to change because all we read was NT ads." 

Chris Rehm

How often can you afford to be unexpectedly out of business?
Get an AS/400.
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