• Subject: Re: Re: System/34 -- Stinkin' NT _AGAIN_
  • From: Chris Rehm <Mr.AS400@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 20:47:58 PDT

** Reply to note from "Pedro Manuel Rodrigues" <pmanuel@cindy.fe.up.pt> Mon, 23 
Feb 1998 16:34:08 +0000

> If it was possible to have 3K dumb terminals on a NT server, why  
> shouldnt it? Please when you translate that into NT'ish please be  
> sensible, and do it well. Its obvious that 3 people supporting 7  
> AS/400 with 3K users with dumb terminals (if they were all CA/400  
> they wouldnt be enough) on them, isn't quite the same as having 3  
> people supporting 7 NT's with 3K users with Win95 machines. It would  
> be the nearest thing to hell on earth. They are different tasks, left  
> for different people. 

I'm not sure what you mean, Pedro. I think Dean was simply pointing out
that supporting NT requires much more overhead than supporting OS/400.

In Las Vegas, the Boyd Group supports a dozen or so properties. They have a
total MIS staff of about 60 people. They are not hiring very fast, but they
want to grow their staff to 100. They are very picky about who they hire so
this will probably take about 20 years. ;-)

Mirage Resorts has half the properties and twice the staff. They also have
plans, to grow their staff to 300.

The Boyd Group is an AS/400 shop. In fact they are an IBM showplace and
were one of the key speakers at the announcements last year.

Mirage Resorts has long been trying to get NT to payoff. The bought three
new AS/400 model 620s last year, because the NT bit isn't going as well as
they had hoped. Like other Microsoft faithful shops, though, they are
trying again to get NT to succeed. Although they had to throw out the NT
conversion process and cancel their contract with Microsoft (who is doing
the conversion), they are working with MS to create a new plan.

> Pedro Manuel Rodrigues

Chris Rehm

How often can you afford to be unexpectedly out of business?
Get an AS/400.
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