The user is running a CISC box. I'll get the specific model, and post it.
Yes, he runs numerous data transfers and queries to build the transfers for
loading into spreadsheets. It's a metals manufacturer, and they are doing
continuous number crunching to be sure they are losing money on a batch.
The Win 95 is the first one they have set up. All predecessors are Win 3.1,
which have had no problems going beyond 3 sessions. This was the first test
before rolling out Win 95 to other workstations. [Yes, I know what date it
I, too, suspect the Netware for SAA, but I am dumbfounded as to why the Win 95
machine would behave differently that the Win 3.1. I'll get more information
,and get back to you.

In a message dated 98-02-02 23:14:27 EST, (Cotes, Steven)

<< Some questions and thoughts,
 What kind of machine does he have ?
 Is he also running data transfers ?
 Does he consistently crash on the fourth or
 does he sometimes get it to run ?
 When I first started setting up IP and CA here I did
 some load testing.
 Using a low-end 486 Win 95 test machine with 16meg
 I was able to open over a dozen CA sessions while also
 running MS Word and Explorer.
 With SNA you can hit some LU maxes, it's been so long
 since I had to touch SAA I don't remember the details.
 Could there be some max numbers he is hitting ? >>
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