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>What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a IPCS in the
>AS/400 as compared to installing an external PC server to be used as a
>gateway to the AS/400?

Why do you need a gateway?

Not to be picky, but I'm in the (un)fortunate position to be in the
process of building our network. (We currently don't have one -
Lantastic scattered around to share printers don't count!) My intent
is to build an Ethernet network using TCP/IP for the protocol. We have
2 AS/400s, which will be outfitted with Ethernet adapters. I intend to
have an icon on my desktop for each AS/400. 

So, the AS/400s are just another node on the network. I haven't
thought much about an NT server yet, but I'm not building the network
around it. 

Why would I need a gateway? (We're not connecting to the Internet, but
will have dialup access.) For honest users, it's just another step
needed to access the 400. For outsiders, it's just another password to
crack. Since I don't intend on putting the network on Internet, the
extra barrier hinders everyone.

As far as an IPCS is concerned. When I put in the NT box, it will be
mostly for file archival. I don't want the entire network to go down
when I IPL the 400s or must do maintenance or upgrade work. Likewise
with NT. I can power down the 400 all day long and if NT is on a
separate server, it's not affected, and vice versa. I also think PC
disk is WAY less expensive than 400 disk, though the 400 disk may be
of better quality. I can put 16GB RAIDed disk on an NT server much
more inexpensively than 16GB of DASD, depending on the 400.

Just some idle thoughts,

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