• Subject: Objet : MSGCON vs. MSGID?
  • From: "Denis Robitaille" <DRobitaille@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 08:45:53 -0500

With MSGID, the link is established at run time. With MSGCON, the linked is 
made at compile time. We use MSGCON for all fields so we can translate our 
system in several languages easily. We have one source member and several 
objects (one per language). If we would use MSGID, we would have also just one 
object (only several message files). MSGID have 2 draw backs that i know of: 
the content of the messages must be loaded in the display(printer) file every 
time it is opend (bad for performance) and when we use SDA to develop screen, 
all we see with MSGID is a bunch of OOOOO. With MSGCON, we see the actual 

Denis Robitaille
Cascades Inc.

>>> "David Gibbs" <david.gibbs@silvon.com> 02/02 4:05 pm>>>

Does anyone know if there are any pariticular advantages to using 
MSGID in a display file instead of MSGCON for displaying constants?



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