>>> "Bill Phelps" <phelpswr@alpha.obu.edu>
09/19/97 01:31pm >>>
I have a physical file with a name field
containing mixed case 
letters.  I would like to use the name as a
key field.  On my 
programs I always provide an input field to
position the list.  
User's have a difficult time getting the
name keyed in the exact 
upper/lower case to position the list
correctly.  What are some ways 
to design a logical file or the application
to ignore the case and 
position the list correctly.

Thanks in advance....


I haven't done anything like this in a
long time, but I think you can do what you
want in Query by tweaking translation
tables and CCSID's (is that the right
acronym?) - maybe the same thing is
possible w/a LF


Scott Cornell
Mercy Information Systems
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