The question in any processor upgrade is what resource is the most
constrained?  If you are consistently running above 70% processor
utilization, then a processor upgrade should help.  If your disk utilization
is over 70-80 percent, adding disk may help.  If your disk is thrashing -
lots of paging and faults (WRKSYSSTS), then get expert advice.

What constitutes a lot of thrashing?  Maybe someone else here can help, I
have seen some relative numbers but they are just guidelines (as are the
percentages above).  Additionally, you may be able to just realign the
memory pool sizes and see some benefits there too - check the setting for
performance adjustment - system value QPFRADJ. 

Throwing more processor at a problem does not solve anything if your biggest
constraint is a different resource - disk, memory, etc.


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Subject: Question Re: Browser response time.

We are using Browser 6.0 and have a 720, with cpw of 420.  (#2062)

If I upgrade my CPW to 810 (#2063) or 1600 (#2064) and not doing any other
hardware upgrade,  Will my Browser response time improve?

I'm doing a lot of other stuff to improve response time, but will the above
do the job.

Do I stay in the P10 group?

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