In QSH you can create an empty text file with a specific codepage using touch.

touch -C 819 isolatin.txt

It will then be in codepage 819 which is ISO-Latin-1.

You can then add information to it with "cat ebcdic.txt >> isolatin.txt"

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Thank you everyone!
According to "IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i" pdf...
The setting for an application server is found at:
'<Instance Root>/conf/'
In my case instance root was /www/INTAPPSRV

Now 1.6 is running...

*** AN ASIDE (How to convert files between EBCDIC to ASCII in
QSH/Linux): ***
To track down all the locations of *.properties files and other files,
since I found searching in the QSHELL slow.
So I ran:
find / > allfiles.txt
find / -name *properties > props.txt

and then copied them to my local file system where I could open them in
an editor and search for strings...
However I used Web Access to transfer the files and when I opened them
they were unreadable.
To change the files from EBCDIC to ASCII on a linux system:

dd if=list.txt of=list.ascii.txt conv=ascii

I just tested the above in QSH and it works fine too!
Note the command "dd" has a weird structure parameter "if=" supplies the
input file and "of=" supplies the output file name, conv=ascii changes
to ascii and it is also possible to change from ascii to ebcdic.

On Wed, 2010-09-22 at 10:57 -0600, Ken wrote:

Very basic question, how do I set the version of Java running by default
on an iSeries v6r1.

Most of the documentation I find talks about a
file but it is not at the specified location
â/QIBM/UserData/Java400/ , do I simply create
the file?

This document:
Mentions a STRJSM command but that does not run.

I have verified that at least Java 1.5 and Java 1.6 are on the system
but Java 1.5 is currently the default and I need 1.6 instead.

This thread ...


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