I am trying to use the iSeries Navigator interface to
compile (and eventually run) some java code (that I still
need to develop). I've attempted to modify the sample that
shows in the V5R4 Infocenter for reading spooled files.
First, I opened a notepad window and copied the sample code
and pasted it in, then modified the supplied splf name,
splf number, job name, job user & job number to match an
existing spool file on our system... saved the file as
Printtest.java to a folder in my home directory in the IFS.
Opened Navigator, expanded My Connection, File Systems,
IFS, root, home, down to my home directory. I can see
Printtest.java in the righthand pane, right-click on it and
select "Compile Java File...". I have already appended
":/QIBM/ProdData/HTTP/Public/jt400/lib/jt400.jar" and
":/QIBM/ProdData/HTTP/Public/jt400/lib/jt400Access.jar" to
the classpath-- this worked just fine for the "first simple
programming example" code from Infocenter, but there must
be something else needed for the PrintObjectInputStream
The compiler error is "SpooledFile.java:8: 'class' or
'interface' expected.
2 questions:
1) What needs to be done to the sample code to get
it to compile and run?
2) Specific to the Navigator interface, is there a
way to customize that classpath entry so I don't need to
type all that stuff every time?

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