I have no aspirations of becoming a java programmer
(it's not my primary function) but I really would like to
be able to use a couple of the sample code segments and had
hoped that it wouldn't be a big deal for someone to share
what needs to be done to make that one example in particular
to work.
I'll try to walk through the java perspective from WDSc and
see if it will help me plug in the necessary pieces (-
Package declaration/Import definitions/Class declaration/A
method declaration)... and, as I get time I'll try to
follow all the java trails that were suggested.
If this isn't the right place ("Welcome to the JAVA400-L
list. This list is devoted to the discussion of Java
techniques specifically as they apply to the System i,
iSeries, and AS/400.") would someone please suggest a more
appropriate one? Technically speaking, I suppose the
wrappering for iSeries Navigator isn't really a java

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Subject: Re: Wrappering Sample for PrintObjectInputStream
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 22:28:57 +0100

davidson_l skrev den 15-02-2008 21:28:
Yes, that is exactly the problem-- I am just
beginning to learn java and started with the Infocenter
and the Java Toolbox, drilled down, found "Writing your
first IBM Toolbox for Java program"... got the "first
simple programming example" to run and don't know the
difference between it and the second one.

I am certain that they expect you to be a seasoned
Java>programmer to use the toolbox. I would suggest you go
few steps back, and learn the basics of Java first without
messing with all the AS/400 specifics.

Start with having a look at
http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/ which cover a lot
of ground, and I would recommend you take the "Trails
covering the basics" with a JDK and your favorite
text>editor on your PC before starting using Eclipse IDE's
for>this. Skip the Swing section though - you are most
not to do gui's.


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