Try using the VisualExplain feature of the iSeries Navigator's 
Database/"Run Scripts..." feature.

It draws diagrams and generates detailed statistics about queries you 
enter, including when it needs to build access paths, and what access 
paths it recommends you build to improve performance.


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10/27/2005 09:55 AM
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Java Programming on and around the iSeries / AS400 

Java Programming on and around the iSeries / AS400 

Can I detect when an access path is created?

I would like to detect when the iSeries must create an index (access 
path) to retrieve data.  Is this possible?  The purpose would be to see 
if any SQL statements have "slipped through the cracks" and identify 
them to be "tuned".  Also, it would identify when/if an index or logical 
doesn't exist on that particular iSeries (these JDBC apps run on 
hundreds of iSeries).

In a perfect world... I would be able to look at the log and see any SQL 
statement that forced the iSeries to create an index/access path.  Any 

Thanks for any help!

Ken K.

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