I tried to solve the problem by using eteks pja toolkit
which allows one to use AWT without having to show AWT
components. Problem is still "no jpeg in java.library.path"
It seems java400 is missing a JPEGImageDecoder class?
although this class (com.sun.image.codec.jpg.JPEGImageDecoder)
exists in the rt.jar on the as400.

I'm trying to solve this problem without having to install

Any help is appreciated,

Geert Van Landeghem

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The problem is that the iSeries does not normally
support the AWT classes. What version of FOP are
you using?

You can use NAWT, which requires VNC. Here is a link
to get you started if you decide to go this route.

If you do not have graphics embedded in your PDF
files, you should be able to use FOP. I know that
worked with 20.3 -- I am not sure about 20.4. I
will see if I can update our site to 20.4 today
and let you know if it breaks anything. If you do
not have graphics, the biggest limitation is on
page size. The time to generate a PDF grows
exponentially and 40 pages is about the limit for
a midsize iSeries system. I check the size of the
input file and force the user to restrict selections
for long reports.

David Morris

>>> gvl@reynders.com 07/30/02 02:51 AM >>>
Hello all,

I have a java/FOP application working on a Windows2000 Server that
converts xml files into pdf files using FOP. I want to transfer this
to our AS/400 system. When copying all the appropiate directories to the
and executing a test program following exception occurs:

using SAX parser org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
building formatting object tree
setting up fonts
 [1>>>]java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no jpeg in java.library.path




      sun/awt/image/ImageFetcher.fetchloop()V+29 (ImageFetcher.java:217)
      sun/awt/image/ImageFetcher.run()V+4 (ImageFetcher.java:185)

Is this problem caused bij java400 (no AWT available) and if so
is there a solution to this problem?

Any help is appreciated,

Geert Van Landeghem
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