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The required details are available from the following files.

GCR: Stores the internal account numbers and the account string (in terms of
the segment values).
GSV: Stores the segment values for all the segments that are defined in the
chart of accounts.
GLH: Contains the detail journal vouchers processed against individual
account strings.

You need to link GSV file to GCR  and GCR to GLH

GSV.SVSGMN=’ACCOUNT’       Or whatever is the Segment ID for Natural
account. (you may qualify the Char of A/c as well).
GSV.SVSGVL = GCR.CRSG0x    (CRSG0x is the natural account segment field in
GCR.CRIAN = GLH.LHIAN      (the internal A/c fields in GCR & GLH)

Selecting the appropriate fields from GLH can give you the Amounts in Book
or Transaction currency.
You’d need to filter the required Ledger, Book, period etc from GLH.


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    Has anyone figured out the files used in CEA? I have an account number I
would like to get the detail on using a query product. I'm having a problem
finding our account number in any of the BPCS file beginning with a G. The
account is generated at billing and at AP vouchering. I want to get back to
the individual invoices that created this entry. I know there is an internal
account number that comes into play, but I'm not even sure what files to
look at. I would appreciate any help you have. Thanks.

Terri Harteau
Felker Brothers Corp.
Whoever said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door.

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