I'd like to see this enhancement, too.  

 Along similar requests for "keying aids" I'd like to suggest (or put my
vote in for) allowing ctrl-space to work for qualified data structures. 
When the cursor is on a qualified DS and ctrl-space is pressed, the
subfields should be dropped down and allowed to be selected.

 This might be a bit of a challenge to implement, since the qualifications
can be nested, but I'm sure the wizards in the lab can handle it.


Original Message:
From: Joe Pluta joepluta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 07:38:16 -0500
To: wdsci-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [WDSCI-L] Enhancement Suggestion

In the LPEX editor, I'd really a preference that would make the "word left"
and "word right" (Ctrl-LeftArrow and Ctrl-RightArrow, shifted and unshifted)
stop at punctuation.  Right now it only stops at white space and that's a
pain for:
  OrderArray(oIndex).AddressLine(x) = %subst(LongAddress:curIndex:30);
You basically have to go one space at a time to get to oIndex.  The only way
to be able to cleanly cursor around is to use what I fondly refer to as
  OrderArray( oIndex).AddressLine( x) = %subst( LongAddress: curIndex: 30);

Note the strategic spacing.  And even that isn't very helpful for dot
syntax.  So a couple of options would be nice: word cursor jumps TO the next
punctuation mark and, word cursor jumps OVER the next punctuation mark (the
the next position).

You might even consider (although this would be low priority) an option to
check CamelCase when jumping, like the Java editor does now.  Include in the
stop list not only punctuation, but a change from lower case to upper case.
This is primarily useful to those of use who use CamelCase to name our
variables.  However, this one is probably not nearly as useful as the
punctuation breaks!


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