Are you using the "Remote Search" feature?  The behavior you're
describing sounds like File Search.

You can get to Remote Search by drilling down into the IFS through RSE.
Find the directory you want to search, right-click on it, and select


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I found that the search works but only on files you have opened and
with WDSc. I created a file in an IFS folder with WordPad and it
find it. I opened/saved/closed the file with WDSc LPEX and then it found
string inside it. Just to be sure, I created a copy of the file in same
directory, researched and no find. Open/saveclose the copy and then it
it. I have Workspace checked on the search option. Does that imply to
search things that I have actually worked with all all things available
under my iSeries connection? 

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To: Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries
Subject: [WDSCI-L] Searching all IFS files for text string

Is it possible to use WDSc to accomplish a search of all IFS files for a
particular string? Help says you can, but it seems oriented to the
system rather than to the IFS. I have been able to use search to get a
of files with some name pattern or some extension but I haven't had any
searching inside the files in this list for a string occurance. 

If this something where you would have to created a user action? 

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