Hi Chuck,

I've been using Thawte for about 5 years, never had a problem.

Basically, the issue is that the original browsers only supported VeriSign. 2-3 years later, they added support for Thawte. Several years after that, they added another CA, etc, etc.

The big e-commerce sites don't want to mess with the chance of being unsupported. They'll pay twice as much for verisign, because in the greater scheme of things, a few hundred extra dollars doesn't matter to them, they'd rather be 100% compatible with everything out there.

On the other hand, the major browsers have all supported Thawte for more than a decade at this point. Do I care that much about people using 10 year old browsers? (Frankly, the HTML , JavaScript, CSS, etc on my site won't work for them, anyway!)

Then you start asking "what about folks who aren't simple PC users?" like internet kiosks at the airport, people surfing on their cell phones... all the different varied ways that you can get on. Do they all support Thawte? The lingering doubt may push you to Verisign...

But like I said, ours is Thawte, has been for years, never had a problem or complaint...

Chuck Lewis wrote:
Hi Folks,

Any of you responsible for buying SSL Certs ?

We bought one of our websites several years back from VeriSign. We are
getting ready to bring another website online here shortly and I was
looking at EV SSL Certs and VeriSign is flat out TWICE as much as
Thawte. I know Thawte has been around and is well known (and even owned
by VeriSign I guess ?).

So why wouldn't I get one from Thawte ?

Thanks !


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