What you want to look for in cameras is IR. These have IR LEDS that
illuminate the scene and the camera can pick it up in B&W. They usually
only cost a little bit more but you want to look at the range. Some are
shorter than others.

I've only worked with professional (Geovision) equipment in systems I've
custom built, but there are a lot of home systems available. Besides
getting a good camera with the highest resolution you can afford, the PC
software makes all the difference. The systems I've built have a
dedicated 500GB drive for the video. Using record only on motion plus 30
seconds either side I get over thirty days with 16 cameras and half of
them outside so they trigger on every varmint and critter.

Radio Shack has several stand alone systems.

Roger Vicker, CCP

On 10/6/2009 11:02 AM, sjl arranged the binary bits such that:
Over the last year, my dad has been victimized several times by burglars.
He has had several toolboxes, chain saws, and a power washer stolen.

I have suggested that we build a secure area with alarms on the doors and/or
motion-sensitive alarms inside and lock all of the valuable items down to
prevent theft.

My brother (who he thinks that he knows /who/ the burglars are) has this
notion that we can install wireless camera(s) and attach them to my dad's
home computer, then plant some bait items to allow monitoring of his
driveway area to help catch them. He is pressing me for assistance in this

I have told him that this is not a simple task, and that his suggested
solution is seriously flawed. The thefts are likely occurring at night. If
you don't have proper lighting, then no camera will capture the images
properly - else you need night-vision cameras.

To boot, it needs to all be recorded, and I believe that any solution would
require having motion-activated cameras in order to maximize recording time.

Do any of you have experience with DIY home security? Any ideas about how
to proceed?


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