Researching the cellphone-as-modem options John described last week, I am
having difficulty finding such a plan for our group's AT&T cellular
service.  I knew AT&T and SBC are conglomerated now, but is Cingular
similarly assimilated? (Say that 3 times really fast!)

Anyway, I'm on AT&T's site, and I see options regarding wi-fi hotspots and
service to use your cellphone-as-a-browser, but don't see anything specific
to cellphone-as-modem services.  Does anyone know what I need to search for
or the specific page I should go to?


On 8/10/06, Jones, John (US) <John.Jones@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How is the cel phone reception at your father-in-laws?  Get a data card
for your laptop or get a cel plan that lets you tether the cel phone to
the laptop & use the cel connection for data.  If you get EvDO or EDGE
speed it's about as good as decent DSL and still supports VPN, etc.
Sprint's phone-as-modem plan is $40 a month on top of whatever your cel
minutes cost and it includes unlimited data, legal tethering, and any
other data your cel can work with (streaming audio/video, email, SMS,
browsing, whatever).  It's a complete data plan for your cel device +
your laptop.  I use it with a Treo 700p and because I have it solely for
work usage, work reimburses me for the expense.

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