"REDEMPTION PERIOD" I believe is a set time the register holds a domain after 
it has expired to allow the owner to still renew it. Like a "grace period". I 
couldn't find what Register.com's policy is but others have shown that they 
will hold a domain for 30 days after it has expired to allow the prior owner to 
"redeem" it before it is released/auctioned.

How lucky do you feel? You might try using GoDaddy's backorder feature then 
wait and see if it does become available. Contacting the prior owner might make 
them renew it and then pump the price up to sell it to you. Not contacting them 
might let someone else that has already back ordered it snap it up first or let 
it go to auction.


On 8/15/2006 12:40 PM, Jon Paris wrote:
 >> Have you tried to look it up through another registar like GoDaddy? 

Not specifically through GoDaddy - but it was MyDomain that "pointed" me to

Just checked with GoDaddy and it tells me that it is already taken.  I take
the option to find out who owns it and GoDaddy tells me "Not found"!?  The
"Registry Status" on the domain is given as "REDEMPTION PERIOD" whatever
that means.

Jon Paris



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