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  7. Re: RFC-822 gurus - Do spammers know when we delete their
     mail (David Gibbs)

rob wrote:
However, the OP was wondering if deleting the email is almost as bad as 
verifying you are a valid address by clicking on a fiendish "click here to 
unsubscribe" in a spam email.  You're right - a spammer may not care, but 
someone who sells a spamming service with verified addresses might.

The spammer isn't going to get the response ... the from address has
been spoofed (in 99% of the cases), so innocent person will simply get a
confirmation that your email address is valid.


Probably true, but does it matter for the original question? That is, this kind 
of situation could be one of those that is being piloted by an innovative 1% of 
spammers. A "valid" return address might or might not be "valid". I.e., just 
because it was created by a spammer and receives e-mail for a spammer 
(...hmmm... I wonder what might be done with a database of bogus spammer 
addresses?) doesn't mean much; lots can be done with an e-mail address if the 
server is compromised.

Besides, the real question doesn't necessarily involve RFC-822 nor any RFC 
other than those that define the basic comm protocols. A confirmation might be 
due to a flaw in Outlook or any other e-mail client. The confirmation need not 
be done via SMTP.

Tom Liotta

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