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  9. Re: RFC-822 gurus - Do spammers know when we deletetheir  mail
     (David Gibbs)

Booth Martin wrote:
This raises a question.  Thunderbird shows the message in the preview
pane but only as regular text, unless the sender is in my address book
or is a sender I have said I trust.

Does that protect me from the issues being discussed?

It should ... although keep in mind that the most dangerous email
viruses use spoofed email addresses, so it might be dangerous even if
it's from someone you know.

Agreed that it "should".

Anybody else remember the old "ANSI bombs" based on ANSI.sys? Mostly effective 
only against DOS users, IIRC; but I've _never_ felt comfortable about the 
concept. Those who use such things are clever. I haven't heard of new 
vulnerabilities along those lines since WinNT got going well with proper 
configurations, but new variants on old techniques always seem to crop up.

(Had some real fun with those way back when.)

Text-only views are useful layers of defense. But you can't expect guarantees 
to be worth much more than just a bunch of words in these things.

Tom Liotta

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