I've always wondered.... How many stupid people are there? I mean, the numbers have got to be really skewed. Any idea what the return rates are?

David Gibbs wrote:
Mark Villa wrote:
Question: is their a spec. that you can include in an email envelope
or server that "notifies sender when recipient deletes" that bypasses
mailers attempt to block notify requests from mail,or outlook bugs,
and how do I trap that on outbound without resorting to zonealarm or
tool, or is this something a security guru would do for his

The question really is ... do spammers care?  Answer: No.

Since spammers send out so many millions of messages with spoofed from
addresses, the notification email would never end up being sent back to
them in the first place.  They don't care if you don't read their email
... there are plenty of stupid people that will fall for it.


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