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Even with a single drive, I will partition it. I will set-up one for the os, one or more for programs, and a smaller one for data. I like to do this mostly for the smaller block size(forgot the correct terminology). If a program is 'core' to the operation of the PC, I will install it into the OS drive. Otherwise, it would get installed on a program drive. This same thought can be applied to multiple hardware drives.

I haven't really been following this thread, but I'll jump in and say ... right on!

This system currently has just one physical drive. (I say currently because there ae two new drives sitting a few feet away waiting to be installed, and change from Windblows to Linux, but that's another story.)

It is partioned in four partitions, each partition is one drive. The C:\ drive has the operating system, WinZip, anti-virus, and a few other key applications. The H:\ drive *was* for a major application that I ended up not installing so it is pretty well empty. The I:\ drive is for programs that don't have their own data set: browsers, various editors, image processing programs, Client Access Express, etc. The J:\ drive is for programs that have their own data set (email and newsgroups) and the associated data, and plus other data is not tied to a specific program (documents, the master image of my websites, etc.).

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