Thanks for the head's up on BHODemon; I had never heard of that. Downloading
it now :-)


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   I have had experience with AdAware (version 6), Spybot, Search & Destroy,
   Spyware Blaster, and BHODemon.  I use all of them to search for, remove,
   and prevent spyware from attaching itself to my computer.  I run the
   3 once a week, and try to keep them updated.   BHODemon is  always
   and informs when some helper app attaches itself to MS Explorer, even
   though I use Mozilla Firefox for 99.9 % of my web browsing.  I have had
   several PCs in the company inundated with spyware, especially if the
   person has a laptop that they can take with them and use from home or on
   the road.  This combination has kept my laptop fairly free of garbage.
   laptop has XP, but we have not implemented service pack two, as it causes
   to many problems with software required by a company we do work for.


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