You are right.  Using the 800 would hurt nto a thing. My original intention
was just to convey to the initial person, and other readers, that if they
had hardware less than your 800 mhz recommendation, to not worry because it
will still work fine.

As for "If you cant stand the thought of using Open Source software, then
> don't use it."  I have no clue where that came from. The discussion had
nothing to do with Open Source verse non open source.  I was just referring
to your previous comment about using older hardware and HDD failure.  I
merely made a comment saying that if HDD failure is a major concern, the
person may want to take into account that appliances are a good solution
since they rarely use HDDs and you have less moving parts.  There are plenty
of appliances out there that run Linux as their OS.

"Pay $2,000 to Cisco, plus support costs and
> consulting/training costs."

And that training/consulting is a red herring.  As much time as it takes for
you to teach yourself to be good with Linux and IP Tables you can teach
yourself PIX.

I wasn't lookign to try to get into a nitpickign of ideals or points of
view.  I just wanted to let the person know that 800 is not mandatory.  If
he had a smaller piece of junk comptuer lying around, to feel safe in using
it and nto worry about performance.

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> Adam,
> What is used for the base hardware will depend on what you are
> doing.
> To much hardware rarely hurts.
> To little hardware can hurt.
> If setting up a home firewall, 200mhz is as low as I go because
> I've already thrown all my 100mhz machines in the garbage.
> In a business environment, if you've got a 400mhz, use it.  But
> if you've got an unused 800mhz machine, use that.  And yes, a
> 200mhz might work fine. But the 400/800 might work better and it
> doesn't cost me any more to use them.  So the
> Price/Performance/Risk assessment says use the 800mhz.
> I repeat: To much hardware rarely hurts.  If you want to start at
> 400 then so be it.
> If you cant stand the thought of using Open Source software, then
> don't use it.  Pay $2,000 to Cisco, plus support costs and
> consulting/training costs.  That is your decision.
> If I was protecting Fort Knox this would be a non-issue.  There
> would be NO internet connection!
> But I'm not.  IPCop works very well for my Company.  It might
> also work for your company.  But perhaps which case,
> don't use it.
> But to me, we are quibbling over meaningless details. And I'm
> done quibbling.
> Bob

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