Hi Mark -

Interesting. I know you can wipe AIX (and I suspect any box) using root, rm
This may have changed over the years with some vendors.
Now, I am curious if IBM missed that? Will the iSeries version do this?

Looking first at the RMVLNK and RMVDIR OS/400 commands, while the statements are not as explicit as with CLRLIB and DLTLIB, I don't think you can clear or delete QSYS or other system libraries with any of those commands.

As for a Linux partition on an iSeries machine ... I have no idea. But even if you can, you wouldn't be hosing OS/400, you would be hosing Linux. And you would only be hosing that partition.

But getting back to what started this discussion ...

If a person deletes the operating system programs, that person should reasonably expect the operating system to be hosed.

If a person deletes a certificate in a web browser, I don't think that person should reasonably be expected to intuitively realize that an encrypted file system will become inaccessible.

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