I've searched the archives for this because I think I remember it coming up before (might even have been me) but nothing was found with"Netserver Logon user name" and like variations.

I had a user that recently changed their WinXP password. They didn't get the iSeries password changed so I had to help them use a a green screen logon to change it to match. However, they continued to get "Access denied" error when trying to access IFS shares from their PC. Netserver showed that the user it was seeing was their user name with the domain name in an email format (user@xxxxxxxxxx) and thus they were getting a Guest type logon. If I have the user immediately go to Windows Explorer after booting the PC and map a drive using the "Connect using a different user name." and their correct user name/password they are good until the PC is re-booted. Even if the "Reconnect at logon." is checked, after re-booting, anything using the IFS (including the automatically connected mapped drive) before mapping a drive causes the connection to be based on the email format until another re-boot.

iSeries 800 V5R2 latest Cume.
WinXP with latest MS service packs and critical updates.

Why does WinXP keep sending the email format to the iSeries and more importantly how do I get it corrected?


Roger Vicker, CCP

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