Hi Steve and the group -

I'm with you here, Jay.  I will _never_ purchase _anything_ from a
telemarketer unless I made the initial contact with the selling company and
requested that they contact me.

I never buy from a telemarketer or a spammer. And any bulk or commercial email that I didn't deliberately opt-in for is spam. Opt-out is a pile ...

As far as spam goes, I guess I'm going to have to shut down my email account
and start a new one, once the spammers get hold of it and I start getting
more spam than good email...

I really like have my own virtual server for my domain. I can have an almost unlimited number of email addresses and can create and delete them as needed. The email address that this message is coming from I use *only* for the midrange.com mailing lists. A few weeks ago it was mr2087. That one lasted a little over a year.

So I get almost no spam at these addresses.

My work email address is another story. :(

Opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer or anyone in their right mind.

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