First of all, I am moving this to the non-tech list...

Second... comments inline

>Now, I do have several problems with the ideology behind the OS, such as
>built in software such as burning (which is horrid) and video editing. But
>guess what so does Apple, and does anyone go after them? No. The only
>difference is, Apple has much better burning capabilities and video
>and their kernel is open source.
That is certainly not the only difference. I don't want to start another
thread about "what is a monopoly" and the extent of the damage that
Microsoft has done, but you should really study up on this topic if you
really think there isn't any difference between Microsoft bundling and
Apple bundling.

>>> I guess I didn't qualify myself here. I never meant that they are the
same, I was just stating that Apple does that also, only better. I am sure
part of the reason Apple does that is because of their market share, so they
can bring in new customers.


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