As I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, there is a view for embedded SQL programs that shows only the SQL statements - in the green you use F15 to select it, if it's not the one showing. There are likely similar option in the graphical debuggers.

This view skips over all the extra calls to APIs that are the "real" code. It's been around for awhile now.


On 9/3/2014 11:27 AM, CRPence wrote:
On 02-Sep-2014 17:08 -0500, Gary Thompson wrote:

Using embedded SQL I can now call the SQL proc and get the
desired doc_num returned.

out_loc = 'ABCD';
cto_num = 1234567;
bat_dat = 1140902;
doc_num = *Blank;
Exec SQL CALL mysqlproc (:out_loc, :cto_num, :bat_dat, :doc_num);

Setting Break Points in the SQL proc worked but I was surprised at
the number of F10-Step and F12-Resume key presses needed to run the

The /debug view/ used for presenting the SQL source [DBGVIEW=*SOURCE] effectively has an underlying debug view that, for any particular SQL statement, may correlate to several C statements that implement just that one SQL statement. Unfortunately the debugger actually performs separately, each of the C statements used for implementation, until the one SQL source-view statement is complete; that seems a plausible explanation for the alluded need to perform so many step+resume "key presses". While that effect could probably be /remedied/ [it is of course, just software], I presume the cost to do so could not be justified, thus the providers of the debugger are leaving the many SQL programmers who are doing the debugging to be annoyed by the effect.

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