You don't need NFS Server running - you need the IBM i to be an NFS client - that is easily done using the MOUNT command - this should be run in the startup program at IPL.

I strongly recommend using a Linux NFS server - a Windows box has problems when you get too many files in a directory - along the order of 300,000 files will bring writing to the directory to a crawl.

You can find the defaults for the options of the MOUNT command in Knowledge Center from a google search of "mount ibm i" - here are the the options used by a 3rd-party doc management product -


You can look at the documentation to get an idea of what options to use.

@NFSFS@ is the path to the NFS share - host plus colon plus share name
@IFSDIR@ is a local directory - its contents will no longer be visible, once the mount is run - be sure to manage that - i.e., you probably want nothing in the local directory.

NFS security is different from IBM i security - it uses one or the other of GID or UID of the user profile - there is a manual that deals completely with NFS, so take a look there - but take a look from the point of view of being the client - that's not covered much in there, probably because it's not all that complicated. In other words, I don't think you need to look too much at topics related to any "export" topics - those are for running the NFS Server on IBM i, and you are not going to do that.

The manual can be found at

One approach is to set up security on the NFS server to allow anonymous access but maybe from only one IP address. If you don't do that, you'll have to set up some IBM i profile with the UID or GID that is specified in the NFS server setup.

There's more that I don't remember - and there can be "interesting" issues that arise - IBM support is a great resource help with this.


On 8/31/2014 7:22 PM, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
We would like to change from converting/coping some spoolfiles to the IFS to either a Windows or Linux server.
Currently, we use Info Print Server to email the spoolfiles, but Info Print Server only allows the IFS.
These spoolfiles would then either be attached or included as a link in an email to internal users.
Another future option would be a "dashboard" for internal users to view spoolfiles sent to them.

I believe NFS server needs to be configured and running for this.
What else is needed.
What commands would be used for this?
Any good links and/or docs on this.


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