Well you raise valid questions for sure.

As Paul mentioned for the system only part an option 22 save is a great choice. This omits most customer data but does still include user profiles and passwords if that's an issue for you. Of course you could get some customer data if you place it poorly in IBM libraries or in IBM Folders in the IFS.

You can direct this backup either to Tape or Optical. This could be LTO, DVD, or RVX. Also any of the VTLs out there are useful here. Remember though that DVD-RAM is *FABULOUSLY* slow.

Then you would do your regular backups however that is set up to catch customer data.

Now understand that what you likely are doing here is adding layers of complication to your recovery. Whenever you think about recovery you must be able to put 'humpty dumpty' back together. If you complicate this backup by breaking it up into many places then you must, MUST, **MUST** practice this re-assembly when there is no stress to prove that it will work as you intend it too.

Here's another option to consider, what if the tape is encrypted and sent off site as it is today. But hold back the encryption keys and send them only if a recovery is needed.

Another option is to send the tapes in a combination locked box and hold back the combination unless a recovery is needed.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 8/31/2014 10:06 AM, Laine, Rogers wrote:


We are running V6.1.0 and have been backing up our system using Option #21 to physical tape media.
The tape is sent offsite each day for use at our remote disaster recovery site(Sungard).
This tape is used to recovery our full system at Sungard when a disaster is declared.
Now management has decided that they no longer want to send this tape offsite for recovery.
One reason is this backup tape has customer data from the application.

Here are options I think may be possible...
Option #1
Continue my daily option#21 but direct my backup to a Windows Server path on our network. If this is possible?
At remote site recover system reading the backup from the Windows Server. May need to FTP backup file to remote site before starting recovery. If this is possible?
Modify option#21 to not include any application data that has customer information.
Run backup directing it to either tape or DVD if it will fit.
This backup would go off site just once until changes to AS400 are made and would be used to recovery base system.
Along with the backup we would backup the security information daily using a Save File and FTP to remote site to be restored after the base restore is finished. This should provide a working system with all updates as it is being done now.

So what are the Pros/Cons for each option and are they doable?
Any other suggestions without spending money for hardware or software?


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