On 26-Aug-2014 00:52 -0500, Gad Miron wrote:
On Sun, 24 Aug 2014 09:21:49 -0500 Vernon Hamberg wrote:
On 8/24/2014 8:34 AM, Mark S Waterbury wrote:

The DAYS parameter on the IBM CHGPRTF command has no default
value, as distributed by IBM, so you cannot change it using
CHGCMD. It has always worked that way.

You can accomplish this by using one or more of the following

1. attach a "prompt override program" to the command to override
the values of "EXPDAT(*DAYS) DAYS(60)"

2. add a validity checking program (VCP) to enforce that DAYS(60)
must be specified.

3. use command processing exit points, QIBM_QCA_RTV_COMMAND, and



I'm familiar with VCP and (to a lesser degree) CMD Exit points. But
not with a "prompt override program" which sounds as the simplest
way. How do I attach such a program to CRTPRTF CMD ?

As I alluded in a prior response, avoid 1) or 2) above; the command exits are provided to enable /customizing/ commands beyond what Change Command Default (CHGCMDDFT) enables [which in this case, is effectively nothing enabled by that feature for the DAYS() parameter of CRTPRTF per lack of an existing command parameter default]. See the following doc reference [or the CHGCMD command help text]:

IBM i 7.1
_Change Command_ (CHGCMD)
3. The CHGCMD command should not be used to change the command processing program (PGM parameter), the validity checking program (VLDCKR parameter), or the prompt override program (PMTOVRPGM parameter) of an IBM-supplied command.

I will remind also, that there may be value in avoiding too narrowly focusing on the issue, from only the /create printer file/ perspective.

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