Question Rob:

Why does SYSTABLES only show LF and no other files?

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Once again, please keep in mind that IBM i comes with a built in database called DB2. And DB2, like most databases, has something called a "system catalog". There is no need to do a DSPOBJD of every file out there to an output file. This file already exists and is automatically updated whenever a file is created. Query the file SYSTABLES. If you want a list of each partition (member) of each table (file) then use SYSPSTAT.

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Each evening we bring down all users and run save-while-active on
production files.

Once in a while the save-while-active job cannot get a lock on a file.

After bringing down the online system, we would like to run a job prior to
the save that sends a text message to a few people showing the
JOB/lib/file of any production objects with a lock on them.

This would avoid the scenario where the SAVE job cannot get a lock on each
and every object for a moment.

Is a good method to DSPOBJD to an outfile of all PFs in the lib, and then
RCVF thru the outfile with ???

Would it only be necessary to check PFs? Ie would a LF lock also show
that the underlying PF has a lock?

Then what? ALCOBJ to each object, trying to get a *EXCL lock on it? And
if ALCOBJ fails, then send a text message?

Is there a TAATOOL that will accomplish this? Or maybe a different OS400


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