Ok, here is what the problem was. The front of each individual unit had
overlapped the "lip" of the main unit. Borrowing a big C clamp from the
shop floor wasn't pulling it over that. A little prying with screw
drivers got it over the lip. If I had remembered that each individual
unit was full length, and not half length, I probably would have figured
it out. But me and a coworker (IT, formerly engineering) both were stuck.
Local CE, who had just removed one of these this weekend enlightened me
to that it is full length, I did the prying and he did the pulling and we
got it out.
We are NOT putting those darn brackets back in.
I can almost see the point. The only thing holding the drawer from
sliding out are two screws normally only used for holding covers on. No
back screws other than those God awful brackets. Sounds like an
engineering change to accommodate a lesson learned hard. They may not
hold if the rack goes horizontal, like in an earthquake. Or a shipping

Rob Berendt

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