I have an issue I'm trying to help a customer with.

They have 3rd party software that creates reports with barcodes. They seem
to print fine to their printers, but when the Host Print Transform API is
used to convert them to a TIFF, one works fine, and another the barcode
gets "stretched" out very long, outside of the page in fact.

Here is the DDS for each:


A 11 BARCODE@16 16A POSITION(6.1 1.1)
A (*WIDTH 0.045) (*RATIO 3.00))


A 10 NSERBC 10A POSITION(6.0 1.5)
A (*WIDTH 0.208) (*RATIO 3.00))

Now, in this case REPORT1 converts fine, and REPORT2 the barcode ends up
stretched so big, it doesn't even fit on the page. When I say stretched,
imagine each line in the barcode is 10x thicker than it should be, as well
as the spacing between each line.

I can provide examples if the description isn't enough.

Reading the docs for the *WIDTH keyword it almost seems like it's possibly
working as it should, at least for HPT and the printer where it prints fine
may be ignoring those specifications?

Any ideas? Thanks!


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